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Have you ever felt that you can’t control your brain? That your thoughts and behaviours happen despite your best intentions? Do you wish that you could change the way that your brain works?

Life Coaching with Paddy Landau

Your brain is the most incredible computer known to humanity

What NLP does

If you think of your brain as a computer — the most powerful known computer by far! — imagine that you could “program” it how you wanted.

NLP is designed to do exactly that. It works directly with how your brain works to change what it does: How it responds, what thoughts it creates, and which behaviours it chooses.

That’s why NLP is used for all kinds of things, from improving sports skills to empowering business executives to helping people who need therapy.

NLP changes your automatic processes

Your thoughts, responses and behaviours are mostly automatic. They tend to happen without you even thinking about it. People who have intrusive negative thoughts can attest to how impossible it can feel to try to change their thoughts for something constructive.

Usually, these have been “programmed” into you through your childhood experiences. Your parents’ behaviours and expectations, your peers at school, your teachers, social media, television, and so forth. When things go well, they implant encouraging, positive messages into your brain; when things go badly, they encourage negative, disempowering thoughts.

Most of the time, it’s all well-meaning. In many cases, parents teach their children that they themselves learned from their parents, assuming that this is the correct way to raise children. The same can happen with teachers. We all know the damage that social media and other forms of media can cause when they aren’t carefully used. Television certainly put many ideas into my head; in hindsight some of them were good, and others were harmful. Severe punishment can make a child afraid to stand up for their rights, while the right type of encouragement can let them learn to be assertive while being understanding and tolerant.

Nevertheless, however your thoughts, responses and behaviours are implanted into you, that’s what they are. As an adult, you can look at them and decide which ones should be thrown away, which ones should be kept, and which new ones should be adopted.

NLP works to do all of those.

Take control of your unconscious thoughts and behaviours

What exactly is NLP?

NLP stands for neurolinguistic programming, which is just a fancy way of saying, “Change the way that your brain works.”

In the 1970s, Richard Bandler and John Grinder researched successful trainers, therapists and others to find out what they did that was different from unsuccessful ones. They looked at how the brain could be taught to change how it worked, and how to “speak” to it — hence “neurolinguistic” (the language of the brain’s nerves) and “programming” (changing how the brain works).

Bandler and Grinder not only worked out how to do this, but also collected a set of “tools”, taken from the successful people whom they copied. Thus, NLP is really two different things: An understanding of how to program the brain, and a set of tools to do exactly this.

NLP doesn’t stand still. Bandler and Grinder continue to collect further tools to expand the toolset of NLP. That’s why there so many therapies and other systems use NLP (including hypnotherapy and life coaching): partly because NLP might have coped some of them, but also because they in turn copy from NLP.

NLP is an extensive set of ever-growing tools that speak directly to the brain’s inner workings, to change how you cope with, and respond to, life, giving you new skills and abilities, and choice in how to run your life.

So, if you want or need to improve your thoughts, responses or behaviours, give me a call to discuss your personal requirements.